CorporateFleet Wash Program


Trust Ultimate Shine to make sure your vehicles reflect your company’s image! When your fleet is shining bright, your business is moving forward. We can help keep everything running smoothly and in top-notch condition with a customized company fleet plan.


How it Works:

  • Submit your Corporate Fleet Program Request. We will help you select the plan that best fits your company's needs.
  • All Fleet Programs must be paid by Credit Card. All payments will be deducted automatically monthly.
  • Ultimate Shine will work with your company to pick up fast passes for each vehicle and have them installed.
  • Each Corporate Fleet Vehicle must have fast pass instilled by Ultimate Shine.
  • Our Fleet Program will work at all locations nationwide.

Ready to Join?


Business / Fleet Account Request

Please fill in your request below for us to provide the best solution for your business. You can also contact our business accounts specialist at (423) 581-2005.
Download printable form here