Our Wash isEnvironmentally Friendly


Not only does washing at Ultimate Shine save you the headache and time of washing at home, but did you know it’s actually significantly better for the environment?

The average car wash at home wastes a lot of water and allows debris and chemicals from your vehicle to flow directly into storm drains, which can be potentially damaging to wildlife and local waterways.


Ultimate Shine reclaims, cleans, and reuses about 80% of the water used in the car wash using advanced water reclamation technology.

This means that the water used to wash your car is captured in reclaim tanks, which is then processed and cleaned, and recycled back into the wash.


This significantly cuts down on water consumption used in your average car wash. Ultimate Shine also uses only bio-degradable cleaning agents in the wash process, which are effective and safe for the environment.

Any water that is not reclaimed for reuse in the wash is directed to the local treatment facility where it is properly treated before being released.


This ensures no chemicals are released into the environment, keeping our local water bodies and wildlife safe and clean! Ultimate Shine is dedicated to using industry-leading technology to preserve and care for the environment.

We do everything we can to make sure you can feel good about washing at Ultimate Shine.