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Ultimate Shine offers a quick and easy way to raise money for your organization. Our fundraising program discourages wasteful and polluting parking lot car washes by providing discounted professional car washes. Most importantly, your organization does not have to wash any vehicles!

How It Works:

  • Submit our fundraising application to get started. If your organization qualifies, we will contact you with a unique four-digit code to use for your fundraiser.
  • We will provide you with a flyer you can use to promote your fundraiser, which has instructions on how to use your organization’s four-digit code.
  • We will donate 30% of all sales made using your four-digit code to your organization. To qualify for the donation, you must accumulate a minimum of $100 in car wash sales.
  • There is no cost to your organization for fundraising with us. At the end of the fundraising period we will write you a check for 30% of the revenue that your organization earned.
  • The fundraising period can last for a maximum of 3 months. Fundraisers can start on the 1st or 15th of the month and will end on the last day of the final month.
  • Example: If 200 people spent an average of $10 over a one-month period, your organization would receive a check for $600 without having to do anything at all besides promoting your code!
  • Fundraising checks cannot be made out to individuals. They must be made out to the organization listed on the fundraiser.

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Please fill in your application with the most up to date & accurate information.

[Download printable application here]
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By clicking "submit my request, you agree to promote the Ultimate Shine Car Wash fundraiser for the specified date. You agree to have the funds mailed by check to the above listed address at the end of the fundraising period. A report will be generated verifying the amount to be paid. Ultimate Shine Car Wash will furnish the code to be published by the organization for use during the fundraising period. The organization has the right to publish the code for the entire fundraising period. All funds will be paid to the organization within 45 days after the period has ended.

By clicking "SUBMIT REQUEST", you agree you have read, understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions listed above and have authorization on behalf of your organization.